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Warm Winter

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Chef Rose teaches how to work with Figs.


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Chef Rose demystifies the gratin.

You’re only as great as your last meal.

So make it right and make it pretty.

Rose Johnson

About | Rose

Rose Johnson

Chef / Owner

The daughter of a restaurant owner and granddaughter of hotel and restaurant owners, Chef Rose Johnson’s introduction to the hospitality industry came at an early age. As a child, her immersion was complete as she made homemade donuts and set out continental breakfast for hotel guests, baked pies and made appetizers.

From Head Pastry Chef at Philadelphia legendary restaurants, White Dog Cafe, and The Striped Bass, to chef and teaching positions at New England boarding schools, to health care food service, to teaching adults and children, and catering and conference cooking, Rose has worked in all aspects of food service. She owned and operated an evening dessert cafe and her cooking segments were featured on Canadian TV.

Since opening Rose Johnson Catering and Cooking Classes, she has catered for the US and Canadian Ambassadors to Denmark, ladies nights-out, non-profit fundraising events, a Danish wedding, and other gatherings up to 50 people.

Rose and her family plan their next meal while eating the current meal. She says, “you’re only as great as your last meal, so make it right and make it pretty.”

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A true artist

is not one who is inspired,

but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali

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Rose would love to help with your event or help improve your own cooking skills.

  • Phone: (312) 342-6992
  • San Francisco Bay Area
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